Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thing 24 - Twitting Librarians

I am really excited that there is a way to blog without the commitment of hours and weeks. How do you keep your blog alive after you loose the initial enthusiasm or simply don't have time to update it often? Microblogging lets you communicate in tiny bits and fewer words - most of us, the busy bees, could do it. No wonder politicians found it appealing. I clearly see the benefits of Twitter for our small library. We could post new book titles, twitt about upcoming events, like "Meet the Author" or "Off the Couch" movie series, and poll our patrons on the use of journals. There would be a way to spread a word of a dupicate book our library could sell or donate. What I like to see most though is a two-way communication with readers and other librarians, where the best ideas could come from outside. If there are books, journals, services, programs and communities we are not aware of yet, microbloggers could help us stay informed in the fastest and most time efficient way. Being a one-man library and one-man archive that we are, keeping in touch with fellow librarians becomes vital. If there are decisions to be made on the upgrade of our online catalog system, journal delivery services to subcribe to, or image or audio formats to store your media, I would want to consult other experts in the field, e.g. "here is what we are doing, any problems?"

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